Thursday, July 26, 2007

Artist of the Week

A day early I know but I'll be off tomorrow and it always seems I have more time to post at work than at home - funny that. So Artist of the Week and The Links should be up today.

So this week's Artist is Band of Horses. You can find their Myspace site here.

I like them because I have no idea how to describe them. All too often we talk about bands in terms of something else - as in, "You'll like them, they sound like _______." But as I'm sitting here trying to describe them to you, I find that I can't in terms of other bands, which is probably why I really like them - because of their original sound.

They're another one of those bands that I came across by accident. I was standing in HMV one day and they came on the stereo. Just one of those things.


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