Thursday, July 19, 2007

Live From the Murder Capital of Canada

Now that's something we should be printing on buttons.

...Oh, and the crime rate capital of Canada too. I suppose it's not worth being one unless you can be both and unify the titles. And judging by the way the first half of 2007 has gone, I'd say Regina is well on its way to retaining the Unified Crime Capital of Canada titles. It's too bad we lost that car theft capital title - that was really something to hang our hats on. Oldsmobile Gang, where have you gone?

But don't worry, we're getting a new subdivision by the airport - I'm sure that'll solve everything.

Anyway, since we're on the subject of crime, I have a couple more Michael Vick related items and then I don't want to write about it again until something actually happens. This story is going to be beaten to death...ok, probably a bad choice of words...over the next few months. It'll be in every sports publication you read, unless of course you read the Leader-Post.

First of all, it looks like Nike is still going ahead with the release of Vick's new shoe, the Nike Zoom Vick V (after all, he hasn't been convicted of anything yet). If Nike does end up releasing the shoe I think that at least 10% of the profit from every pair of shoes sold (retail price, $100 US) should be donated to the United States Humane Society or PETA. I think that's about the only way they can save some face in releasing Vick's shoe. Although, that might not end up amounting to much money. After all, as Dan Shannon of PETA said, "Nobody wants to go out and buy the shoes that Michael Vick wears when he goes to a dogfight. That's not really a good pitch." (from

The second thing I want to say about this today is to suggest a possibly sentence for Vick, if he is found guilty of participating in dogfighting at some point. My suggestion is this - if a guilty verdict is reached, Vick should be sentenced to being thrown into a dogfighting pit with three of his hand-trained pit bulls - those that survived the shootings, hangings, beatings, electrocutions and strangulations. I honestly think that would be the most appropriate punishment for Vick. And just so he gets the full experience and truly ends up knowing what it feels like, people should be allowed to stand around and wager on whether he makes it out of the pit in one piece.

That sounds fair.

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trebor said...

no comment on the vick thing.. cause as you said it's going to be beaten to death.... thought I'd just pass this story on

not sure if you can match this rate but with headlines like rod black kills puppies and live from the murder capital who knows...... having some posts in chinese might help...tap the chinese market.