Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The New Look Sports As Life

Only some quick administrative things for you this morning. We've been busy trying to get this blog out to the people over the last couple days, so unfortunately there is not really any new material right now. But that doesn't mean that nothing is new here.

First of all, we are now part of the Sask Blog network, so thanks to them for having us. If you want to check them out and take a look at other blogs in Saskatchewan, just follow the link over the left.

There are also some functional and cosmetic changes. There is now a subject archive on left-hand side. All old posts are arranged by subject. So if there's an old article you want to read again you can now search by subject, rather than trying to remember the date when it was posted. Also after each post there is a now a subject label and if you click on it, it will take you to other articles on that subject.

Finally, there is now an option to email posts. If you find one so good you just have to share it with somebody, you can click on the little envelope icon after the post and you can email to everyone you know.

That's all that's new here right now. But expect more changes soon. We're hoping to get a logo designed for Sports As Life - so if you have any ideas be sure to pass them along. Perhaps we can even have a contest or something like that.

Also we are in early-stage development of a Podcast idea. Hopefully within the next month or so we can get something off the ground in that area. I think the plan is to do a weekly Podcast, probably centering around the Roughriders, at least for the CFL season. So that's something else exciting to look forward to.

And one more thing, the 117 Reasons... column from Monday, which was very well received - so thank you for that, will be entered into a contest that is going to determine the official Roughrider blogger for this year. I just happened to stumble across this contest yesterday on To meet the word requirements for the contest I had to cut the article down by more than a third, so it doesn't quite have the same 'pop' that it does in its full form, but we'll see what happens. You can check out the contest here, or just go to ; I encourage anybody who has ever had anything to say about the Riders to enter, it's about time we had some fresh voices in the sports media in this province.

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saskboy said...

Welcome to Saskblogs Aggregator.

There's a BBQ for Sask Bloggers in Regina on July 8th, and it's free/potluck. Hope you can make it.