Friday, June 15, 2007

The Links

Wow, 3 posts today and still going strong... must be Friday...

- The saga that is Mike Keenan continues (although this may not be as interesting for non-Flames fans as it is for fans of team - bear with me). Sports radio talk-show host Steve Czaban had this to say about Keenan today, "when you're out of ideas and you're out of options, you can always hire Mike Keenan." (Thanks to Cooper and his satellite radio for that one)

- Ok, that one wasn't really a link, but it was still funny wasn't it? Here's a story from that hypothesises the Keenan hiring as a potential catalyst for the destruction of the franchise - or at least the reason that Calgary's two best players may not be with the team after next season.

- So I was looking for the infamous Luca Congi spy footage on You Tube that everyone is suddenly so paranoid about and I came across this. How I forgot to mention this guy in the University Section tribute I'll never know. Inexcusable.

- It's amazing what happens when you go to You Tube and type in Saskatchewan Roughriders. I have no idea where this came from, it may have been released to the members only section of It must be from the 2005 season because Scott Gordon was still here and pre-knee injury. And Jason French was still number 87.

- To make up for the gruesome injury video I put up a couple weeks ago, I thought I should put this one up just to even things out.

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