Tuesday, June 26, 2007

10 Question Tuesday

  1. Do you think the integrity of the NHL Draft is at all in question, after Alexei Cherepanov and Angelo Esposito mysteriously fell to the Rangers and Penguins?
  2. Is Jim Balsille a potential NHL saviour or just a rich blowhard?
  3. Does Gary Bettman most resemble a rat or a weasel?
  4. Where are the NHL's biggest free agent names going to end up? (Oiler fans burst in to tears)
  5. What are reasonable expectations for the Saskatchewan Roughriders this year? .500 record, home playoff game, Grey Cup?
  6. In what century does the CFL adopt a drug testing program? (cause it ain't going to be this one)
  7. Are you at all interested in watching the NBA Draft? (at least the first round)
  8. Which league is going to have the more exciting off season, the NBA or the NHL?
  9. Does Akili Smith take Henry Burris' starting job in Calgary sometime during the season?
  10. Have you watched one baseball game on television this season?


Anonymous said...

1. No. I am not a conspiracy theorist.
2. If he gets the ball rolling and shows that other smaller markets can thrive, it really could open the doors. If not, and he loses millions, well i don't feel too bad because he's a rich blowhard. Go Jets...eventually!!
3. I'd have to go with rat, although i liken him to a weasel personality-wise.
4. This is too large a question, and frankly, i ain't gonna even think about it, or take the time to answer this question grammatically soundly.
5. Home playoff game!!! I don't know why, but i'm somehow optimistic this year. I think bc will slide and become complacent, and well deadmonton will stink once again. I think i have this feeling every year at the beginning. It's kinda like cooper getting excited about going out to drink - inevitably he becomes beligerent, sad and grumpy.
6. I hear the new commish is meeting with Doug Pound soon. I think it will happen within 10 years. Maybe they could model it after the WWE policy, which YES, actually exists. It seems to be working out well....
7. Potentially if it was raining out and no one was around. Could be interesting, but since the wife moved in my TV viewing is limited to So You Think You Can Dance. Don't take that sentence wrong, i'm not going to make teh crazy statement that i would rather watch a bunch of soon to be millionaire punk kids get told which city they are going to play in than spend some quality time with the television off.
8. NBA sadly.
9. sports talk in calgary is already preparing and hinting about the eventual Burris fall from grace. I bet that's an awkward dressing room.
10. Yes actually. Never 9 full innings, but quite a few end of games and such. The jays have brought up some great kids to pitch a game or two. That 9 and 1/3inning shutout in the kid's first start was very exciting to see. Must say, baseball is still alive and well in the states. I got caught up in a city getting behind a 26 game hit streak, while getting over teh hangover of getting swept in the NBA finals.


Mitch said...

1. The Pens are just getting too lucky. It doesn't seem to end. I think that maybe something is a bit fishy about the worst organization in hockey who have seemingly made a deal of sorts with the devil. See question three.
2. Rich blowhard, well maybe not. I think he has good intentions but one guy can't do it and he can't do it in Hamilton. I think it is sad that a team like Nashville, which seems to be doing well, is financially unstable. I think we need one of these rich blowhards to start buying teams and disbanding them. That's my new goal in life. I would settle to just finish off the ducks.
3.He resembled a weasel during the NHL awards. Maybe just the way he was sitting. I actually don't even mind the guy too too much. Call me crazy.
4. Not to any teams that matter to me.
5. .500 just like every year. The Riders give us the opposite of what we expect every year, except that mediocre record. If the fans get excited for a win, they blow it every time until the fans almost lose interest, then they can win a game. I predict a win/loss pattern all season, again.
6. Five years. A little optimistic but I think they need to eventually less for stopping the free flow of meth in the CFL but more to show themselves off as a genuine football league. Does everyone remember what happened to ol' Ricky when he came to Taylor Field? Just saying.
7. No
8. NBA by far. The potential for huge trades in that league combined with the newly trade happy NHL which has caused this guy to be immune to big trades.
9. No, I still think Burris is too good. I do like the way that CFL QB jobs are wide open in the last few years. Maybe just by lack of skill though.
10. Yeah, but just because I only get CBC and the noises of the games are better than listening to static, slightly.

Trebor said...

1. Nope
2. Not sure who this guy is but saviour?? can the NHL be saved with the moving of just one team? by reading this blog and hearing people talk, I don't think so.
3. I would say weasel, just cause i've said for awhile our premier Lorne Calvert looks like a rat and bettman has a bigger face. (maybe you can put up both pics side by side so your readers could compare)
4. Don't care. I thought all the big moves were right before trade deadline when hopeful teams bring in guys for the playoff run
5. Home playoff game. Note I'm going in with low expectations (below .500 team) as it is has a feel of a rebuilding year... which will be their excuse come end of the year.
6. By 2010 there will be a system in place. Note: That was a fairly low blow by CH to the WWE and maybe not good timing given the events that probaby were the reason for this comment. Do Wrestlers take the roids-99% probably do along with lots of other enhancers, but it is an idependant gorup that does the testing.
7. Yes lots of trade rumors out their involving Kobe, Garnett, Pierce, Oneal... plus it's an interesting draft class.
8. NBA... See above comment
9. Yes. Does burris take it back... yes. Is burris benched a second time ... yes. As earlier comment said QB jobs seem to be coin toss. Which teams have a true #1, that should start all games and job wont be questioned if he loses 1 or 2 games?
10. What never, no never, what never ..... i've seen a few pitches when the game goes over it's alloted time on TSN but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

9. Right now I think Kate Smith (she's dead), Brin Smith (former Expos pitcher 70's vintage)or Steve Smith (oh my God I put it in my own net...) could take Hank Burris's job....


Anonymous said...


2.)Chris Berman is the potential saviour of the NHL. If he were calling games people in the U.S.A would actually watch hockey.

3.)Weasel... no one would do animated movies about weasels.

4.)Ok listen the Oil have got to get someone.....Don't They????

5.)I'm going with home playoff game.

6.)More quickley than you might think. Next season is the prediction here.

7.)The NBA hasn't been good in 10 years. So why watch a draft for a product that is currently unwatchable. Except for a few minutes of Lebron.

8.)The NHL by default

9.)Maybe but really who cares?

10.)No the only sport on TV currently more unwatchable then the NBA.