Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Links

Since I'm not going to be at work tomorrow again (ain't life grand?), I'm gonna throw The Links at you a day early again. This week I'm working with the theme of unforgettable sports moments (since I didn't come across any grisly videos of people getting injured this week). All of these videos are guaranteed to give you goose-bumps.

...if this doesn't give you chills, you're not a football fan - the highlights of possibly the greatest college football bowl game ever played (at least the greatest ending). In it you get to see: an interception returned for a touchdown, a hook-and-ladder play for a touchdown, a half-back option for a touchdown, and a Statue of Liberty play for a game winning two-point conversion. And as an added bonus, you get to see Chris Meyers of Fox Sports just absolutely ruin a post-game marriage proposal. you remember where you were when this happened? I almost lost my job over that game.

...this defined an entire generation of Canadian hockey fans.

...and I just threw this clip in because I have to be a little bit of a homer every now and again.

...I wasn't going to put this in because it has nothing to do with sports, but it's just too cool not to get out there for people to see. Although Bill Simmons had a link to it in one of his columns this week, so a lot more people saw it there than will see it here.

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