Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Holy Humpday, Batman!

Wow, it's days like today that make me wish I would have called this Sports As a Hobby, Sports As Something To Do, or even Sports As a Passing Interest.

Sports As Life? That sets the bar pretty high, especially on a Wednesday where nothing much seems to be happening in the sports world, at least nothing I feel like writing about.

But maybe that paints a pretty bleak picture because if Babe Ruth had his DNA reconstituted in the body of a gorilla and was signed by the New York Mets, I still don't think I would feel like writing about it. So when I say that nothing is happening in the world of sport, that's not exactly true. The truth is that I don't care what's happening. It's not that I'm not aware of what's going out there in the wide world today, I just can't be bothered to come up with anything witty or clever to say about it - although it's probably debatable whether I ever come up with anything witty or clever to say.

However, if you would like to read something about sports today, here are some stories you might be interested in:

...and please feel free to make up your own sarcastic comments...

- Adam "Pacman" Jones of the Tennessee Titans was officially charged with two felonies today, stemming from a shooting at a Las Vegas 'gentleman's club' called Minxx during the NBA All-Star Weekend in February. However, police have been unable to find 'Pacman' to question him about another shooting at a 'gentleman's club' in Atlanta over the weekend. Waakka waakka waakka waakka. Sorry. Would you like to know more?

- The NHL is holding its annual entry draft this weekend. The first round is going to be held on Friday night, while the rest of the rounds are on Saturday afternoon. I really hope this is not another misguided attempt to get interest in the league, by holding the first round in prime time. Are you going to stay home and watch on Friday night? I'm not, that's for sure. I will be at the Roughrider pre-season game on Friday night. Cooper is going to provide all of the NHL draft first round coverage. He claims that he will watch the entire first round. I'm setting the over/under at the 7th pick before he gets bored and changes the channel (not a slight against him, but a slight on the draft). This has to be the worst draft class that I can remember, with 3-5 guys that could be the 1st overall pick. Still excited about your 3 first round picks Edmonton Oiler fans? I'm just hoping that there are some blockbuster trades at the draft just to give it a little excitement - I'd even settle for Roger's Video trades. Would you like to know more?

- The draft that people are actually excited about and looking forward to is not this week but next week. The NBA draft is the night of the 28th. Now that's a draft I'll actually stay home for. Unlike the NHL, this years NBA draft class is the deepest in years - at least since the Lebron, Carmello, Wade draft - and I still say that Darko is going to be the best of that group when all is said and done. The Oden/Durant question will finally be settled that night and there is the possibility of some huge trades as well, possibly involving Kobe, KG and Amare Stoudemire. I do not profess to have a wealth of knowledge about the ins and outs of the NBA draft, so read this if you would like to know more.

Well that should be enough reading to keep you busy for the rest of the afternoon and if not.... go outside, it's nice out.

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