Monday, January 12, 2009

So... That Just Happened

We always knew that at heart the ghost of Tommy John was a vengeful being.

Most of the time his shenanigans are pretty banal - stealing your newspaper, scaring the tourists, causing those brown patches in your lawn, mutilating cattle. But this time was a little different, he brought the full force of his spectral rage to bear.

What made him choose this moment to snap and finally come collecting? We'll probably never know. Maybe it was the cries of a thousand displaced elbow tendons. Or maybe he just hates Cajuns. That I can understand.

Whatever the reason, that was a performance for the ages on Saturday night. Now we'll always know when the ghost of Tommy John shows up - you will know him by the trail of 6 turnovers.

So... now we're left with two 9 win teams in the NFC Championship, both vying for the opportunity to be soundly beaten by either the Ravens or Steelers in the Super Bowl. Cardinals v. Eagles, catch the excitement! Oh and by the way, thanks to this:

I'm officially off the Eagles bandwagon. I hope they get lit up like the Aurora Borealis this weekend. Is it really too much to ask players to act like they've been there before - especially when they've been there 4 TIMES BEFORE! I guess a 58 passer rating goes further than it used to, eh Donovan? May all your passes be feeble and off-target and may all your Campbell's Chunky Soup be cold.

If you asked me right now (and why haven't you, by the way) I'd say that we're looking at a Baltimore/Philadelphia Super Bowl. If it ends up being Baltimore/Arizona... wow, I may have to watch it but I don't have to like it.

Or maybe it'll end up being the Pennsylvania Bowl - at least then there would be an obvious story line for the media to beat into the ground for two weeks before the game.


Trebor said...

I sure hope it's Baltimore and philly. Not sure if that's the greatest game but they are who i'm cheering for this weekend.

With the phone thing. It's not like he ran over to it and picked it up, that's where he got pushed out..he picked up the phone had some fun. But your right the NFL is no place to have fun the penalty is deserved and as well the likely fine of $50,000 ( made up a number).

This act was almost as bad as Welker when he caught a TD in the blizzard and made a snow angel in the endzone... how dare these 2 bring these kinds of antics to the NFL....won't someone think of the children.

On a non playoff note.... what's the editor think about a hated patriot coming over to run things for the chefs.

Napoleon in Rags said...

I think there's a HUGE difference between doing it in the endzone and on the other team's sidelines.

As far as the Chiefs and Pioli go, I love it - a proven winner and obviously a guy who knows talent. But it sounds like there nowhere near close to making anything official, which is starting to worry me - a lot.

Most the of head coaching vacancies are filled or at least close to being filled and the Chiefs are miles from that step. They're saying now they want a GM by Feb.1 and while I'm all for making sure you hire the right person, I get the feeling they're falling behind a little bit. Especially since sought after coordinators are going fast - which is starting make me think it'll be another year of the Herm.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I am not a Cardinals fan although I live in the city where they play their games. My team wears baby blue uniforms and lives on the Paqcific ocean. But c'mon not a shred of respect is being shown to this Cardinals team. Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of it. They are playing decent run defense of late and are even running the ball with some mediocre success. The passing game stands on its own merits. Plus, indoors they are pretty good. Don't count them out. If you would have told me four weeks ago that the road to the Super Bowl would go through Glendale, I would have said that was last year, however this is what it is, a lower seed making a run. Cards by 7...


Napoleon in Rags said...

Just mere hours after I was lamenting the Chiefs dragging their feet on the GM search, ESPN is reporting that Pioli to the Chiefs is a done deal. Nothing yet on the Kansas City Star site, so it's wait and see mode I guess.

Now it's just a matter of getting Herm Edwards out and Steve Spagnolo in and the Chiefs are a Super Bowl lock.

Napoleon in Rags said...

Better get those bags packed Herm, it's official.

And it's Spanuolo, not Spagnolo - but I prefer to spell it like, "The Next Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs!"

Anonymous said...

I hope he can throw the ball, run the ball and block like a mad man.


Cooper said...

Delhomme should be thankful that he only was visited by the ghost of Tommy John and not the ghost of Dave Dravecky. What too soon?

Napoleon in Rags said...

Not too soon in fact. I believe about a year ago on this site we determined that there is a 15 year statute of limitations after which tragic/sad events become hilarious. To wit, Challenger explosion now a real knee-slapper.

Also it's not like Dravecky died, he just lost roughly a third of his torso.

Anonymous said...

We may need to check the records, but I believe we determined 11 years as a benchmark.

The tragic event isn't necessarily hilarious after 11 years, it just becomes OK to make a joke about it. If someone is offended the 11 year mark removes their right to proclaim "Too soon", and they must wallow silently in their tight-assedness.


Napoleon in Rags said...

Yeah, you're right about the 11 years statute - it's not 15. I was thinking about that last night (clearly my life is exciting) and 15 didn't sound right.

I think we can say that after 11 years a once tragic/sad event has the potential to become hilarious.