Saturday, January 3, 2009

The 2nd Annual Sports As Life College Football Bowlstravaganza

Yes folks, Cooper is back to wade through the unending mire of the college football bowl season; previewing all the highlights, lowlights and which games you should shovel your driveway during.

If We Make it Through December. Bowl Predictions Part 6 of 6? 7? 8?

“If we make it through December we’ll be fine”……Merle Haggard.

Only 4 more games to go and I could not be happier.

January 3rd:

International Bowl: Buffalo (8-5) @ Connecticut (7-5)

Buffalo makes it’s first bowl appearance since 1958, and frankly I would not be surprised if this is actually their first winning season since 1958. Buffalo can thank two men for their remarkable turnaround. The first is former Nebraska QB and 1984 Heisman runner up, Turner Gill. Turner apparently has a huge fan in Charles Barkley.

The second man responsible in Buffalo’s turnaround is there assistant coach/quarterbacks coach. That man is Danny Barrett. Yes THAT Danny Barrett.

I am still unsure if being the assistant coach/quarterbacks coach for a lowly mid-major team is step up from being a CFL head coach, or a step down.
(Ed. Note: Step up)

Speaking of former Rider coaches, Kent Austin the current offensive coordinator at Ole Miss who were successful in defeating the Red Raiders of Texas Tech in yesterday’s Cotton Bowl. Congrats to him and to former Rider QB Steve Sarkisian, offensive guru at USC who was successful in beating Penn St Thursday night in the Rose Bowl. Where was that offensive brain of his when WE needed it? Didn’t he lose out in a job to Jack Kemp?

Connecticut to win

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