Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, Snap... My Soft Tissue

I must say, it's really too bad that a) that hit was helmet to helmet and b) McGahee got hurt and was carted off - because barring those two things, that might have been the hit of the century. Was it dirty? I don't think so, Clark just ducked his head to hit McGahee. But was it illegal? Hoo boy, you better it believe it. Despite what Phil Simms thinks, I'm 100% certain that you can't hit a player helmet-to-helmet anywhere on the field. I think Clark has to at least get fined for it, no?

And while we're on the subject, I think this pretty much confirms what I've suspected all along - Phil Simms is functionally retarded. He's clearly graduated from the broadcasting school of "Just Saying Random Words While Trying to Prove a Point." Say what you will about guys like Kornheiser, Aikman and Baldinger but Simms is far and away the worst broadcaster in football.

But how about those Cardinals of Arizona? That was quite a game, it certainly made up for the late game being mostly a snoozer. And it's obviously been a long time since I've watched an Eagles game because I forgot that Donovan McNabb really isn't very good. Not sure how I forgot that. It's a good thing the Cardinals pulled that one out in the end, at least we have a shot at a decent Super Bowl now. If the Eagles had somehow stolen that game they would have been wiped off the face of the Earth by the Steelers.

And now we only have two weeks of completely manufactured media stories before we actually get a football game.


Anonymous said...

That hit, illegal or not reminds of just how vicious the game of football really is and how potentially dangerous it can be when players at that level with their strength and speed collide at full tilt. These days, "Going over the middle" requires tremendous intestinal fortitude. It was a hit for the ages for sure.

This place is nuts (Phoenix). It's football crazy. Kinda reminds me of Riderville without the cold or stadium controversy. Instead of throwing dog crap on your lawn, likely a worse felony would result, rape, murder, etc.. They have the right to bear arms. You can look it up.

If the Cardinals make a game of it, this town will be more than satisfied. If they continue to "Shock the world" and win, well, they just might accept a black president but I doubt it.

Go Cards.


Napoleon in Rags said...

In Phoenix, instead of putting manure on your lawn they simply light it on fire:

trebor said...

No comment about the ccr song playing as mcgahee lies (possibly dead) on the gorund.

Philly game was good, though the lack of a pass interference call on the last drive taints it abit. I'm waiting for one team and maybe it will be Pitts to cover Larry. Yeah he's good and there are other wr's, but way to much again this week he ws left open.

I could have been watching a different game, but I thought Philly should have won that game. Take away the flee flicker play and if the eagles could finsih off a drive, or hit an extra point...

This years story is an alright one, Whisehunt is back for vegenace after being slighted ?? What sucks is that there's a 2 week break, especially for a team like arizona who's playing great right now the week break may not be the best for them.

Napoleon in Rags said...

You're right, I think you were watching a different game.

Cooper said...

Absolutley loved the Creedence "Down on the Corner" as McGahee was layed out on the turf.

Anonymous said...

If you want to play a great drinking game, have half of a sip everytime Phil Simms says something beyond stupid and obvious, such as "the team that scores more generally wins". I would say take a whole sip of your drink, but you'd die of alcohol poisoning by the second quarter.

Napoleon in Rags said...

Agreed, that could be an extremely dangerous game:

15:00 1st quarter - first sip

11:23 1st quarter - legally drunk

8:19 1st quarter - deciding that ordering pizza is an absolute must

5:37 1st quarter - drunkenly calling ex-girlfriends

2:12 1st quarter - first vomit

14:28 2nd quarter - legally blind

11:57 2nd quarter - second vomit

7:04 2nd quarter - legally dead

7:03 2nd quarter - third vomit