Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playoffs? Don't Talk About Playoffs, Are You Kidding Me?

Ok, I will admit it... at the moment, I'm a little bored with the NFL playoffs. I'm sorry, ok? That's just how I feel.

Don't get me wrong I watched all the games on Wildcard weekend and enjoyed them for the most part. I'm just not finding any of the games or more importantly, the teams, very compelling. I've got nobody to root for and even worse, nobody to root against. That should mean I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching without giving myself a stroke. But of course, those who know me well know that I'm really not happy unless I'm furious about something. Which means that I'm finding something lacking in these games.

Sure with each team there are things, both good and bad, that I find interesting.

I could root against San Diego because Phillip Rivers is a spectacular pile of assface, but in all honesty he's nowhere near as dislikable as he used to be. And he is a pretty good quarterback, even though I'm pretty sure he throws the ball underhand. Seeing Norv Turner's latest epic fail is always funny too. But they just don't raise that "New England-esqe" ire in me.

Pittsburgh I don't really mind. They were my fantasy defence this season, so I have a soft spot for them. But they just won the Super Bowl 3 years ago, so I'm not rooting for them to break a 3 decade drought or anything *cough*Kansas City, 29 years*cough*. I give them a solid "meh".

I find Tennessee to be extremely boring, they're a solid team though so I can't really dislike them too much. Plus I love watching a solid defence. And Albert Haynesworth should have been the MVP.

Baltimore might be the leading contender for my playoff nemesis this season. I like the team and Ed Reed could also have been the MVP, plus I enjoy seeing good rookie quarterbacks. But I will never cheer for a team that Ray Lewis is on.

Arizona I have no strong feelings about one way or the other.

They have an explosive offence, but I really couldn't care less if they win or lose. Of course they're going to lose this weekend, so I'm really not too concerned.

The neutrality I feel towards Arizona is pretty similar with Carolina too, only with a more positive slant. I wouldn't really have a problem with Carolina winning the Super Bowl but I wouldn't lose any sleep if they lost either.

New York I actually like... well I like Eli Manning. Seeing him in the America's Game about last season's Giants made me a big Eli fan. And I'd be rooting for them but they won last year and I'm in favour of giving other people a chance.

And then there's the Eagles - after going through all these teams while writing this, I think I've deciding to make the Eagles my team for the playoffs (which of course means they will be crushed by 85 points this weekend). Normally I wouldn't care less about the Eagles and I really can't stand Brian Dawkins. But I would enjoy seeing Donovan McNabb win a Super Bowl so maybe people would give him a break already. That guy's been through more crap than Andy Dufrense.

So I'll keep watching the playoffs because I loves me some football, but it's difficult not having a vested interest in the games this year. Truth be told I'm much more interested in the Chiefs' search for a new GM (and soon head coach, /crosses fingers). But emotionally attached or not, the playoffs are still a great excuse to sprawl on the couch in sweats while covered in chip crumbs...

Like I've ever needed an excuse for that.


Anonymous said...

Switch to pretzels, less mess.


Napoleon in Rags said...

Not the way I eat them. You'd be surprised at how much coughing and gasping for air there is when you constantly stuff 11 pretzel twists in your mouth.

Trebor said...

you should have gone with some playoff fantasy games, amkes thigns a bit more intersting. I had 2 'teams' - In the first I picked players form Indy and Carolina, so thanks to schifes or whatever his name is and his amazing ability to pin the opposing team on the 3 yd line, that team is now lost.
The 2nd team though is loaded with philly and baltimore players..and i'm feeling pretty good about that. Philly/NYG I see as a coin toss a game decided by 1 or 2 plays. Plus baltimore has a great chance if they make ten. put the gmae in the hands of Mr. collins

pool or no pool I'd be cheering for the eagles. The other teams I'm much like you I don't care one way or another if they win or lose. Seeing SD go all the way with LT on the sidelines though would bring a little amusement. This week they play the team that I hate the most.

I don't know where it comes from but I cant stand the steelers. I can't even enjoy their great defense, everything about them..I dislike. Some of it may come from them being handed the superbowl (even thoguh seattle isn't a team I cheer for). Then the other week when they beat baltimore on the "the player had 2 feet in the endzone therefor it's a TD" that raised my ire to new levels. I'm hoping Big ben gets sacked 20 times this game and become sthe new trent green.

Rider Prophet said...

Interesting fact, Darren Sproles was on the Roughriders negotiation list while Roy Shivers was GM. Guess they were banking on the NFL passing on him due his size.