Sunday, August 3, 2008

32 Teams in 30-Some Days - Washington Redskins

A special Sunday Edition of 32 Teams in 30-Some Days. And wouldn't you know it, the team that's being showcased tonight is playing in the Hall of Fame Game right now as I type. That's right folks, the NFL preseason has officially begun. I don't even care that this game will mostly feature the future gym teachers of America - that's just how excited I am. But on to the task at hand...


It only took the Washington Redskins 2 plays to score the first touchdown of the NFL preseason!! The Redskins are an unstoppable force!! They will win the Super Bowl and humble every other team while doing it!!

Nah, I'm kidding - the Redskins will win the Super Bowl, but they won't run away with it.

Nah, I'm kidding - the Redskins, they... they probably won't be all that good.

Actually, I don't think the Redskins are going to be very good at all. They definitely have talent but they seem like a team that's going in a dozen different directions. New rookie head coach - who wasn't even originally hired to be their coach by the way. Drafting 2 wide receivers and a tight end with their first three picks in the draft - when what they really needed was to get younger on defence. An offensive line that seems to suffer at least one major injury every season. The unproven starting quarterback is coming off a major knee injury. And a running back that is soon due for a massive drop-off in production.

Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, for a second there I thought the Redskins rookie tight end's name was Fred Jones, not Fred Davis, and I was going to post this video just because I could:

Well, why should the facts stop me from doing what I want?

The Verdict
The Redskins definitely have the potential to be better than I think they'll be. However, there just seems to be a lot working against them. Jim Zorn has absolutely no experience. Jason Campbell is not always consistent and is coming back from a knee injury. Clinton Portis has a lot of miles on him. Jason Taylor might still be thinking about dancing. I have a hard time believing that Zorn will be able to pull all of these things together, at least not in his first year.

Although after the way Colt Brennan played tonight - I think he has the potential to be the most popular athlete accused of rape since Kobe Bryant.


Trebor said...

The Redskins, I dont think they'll do much this year though they could suprise. Portis yes has a lot of miles but is only 26, he's got a few years to go before you can use the 'getting old for a rb'. Aside from Portis the only other bright spot is cooley.

I may have developed a man crush on this guy starting with last year him being on one of my fantasy rosters. He's one of the most consistent TE's in the league. Then I started reading his blog and the crush took off. Then on friday it reached the max. I watched and saw his commercial...I'm sure it will be on again so no need describing it.

Oh yeah the Jason Taylor thing... I shake my head after all he's done in miami, maybe he does like the camera too much and sure he missed some voluntary workouts but saying he came to camp out of shape...anyone who's done more than the 2 step high school shuffle knows that to be good you have to be in good shape.

anyway, besides those 3 , I dont know what else they have and don't see them doing much this year.

Anonymous said...

An old defence, a DE in his twilight years, a QB who is unproven with numerous critics, wideouts who no one thinks are any good but should be...remind you of any superbowl winning team in the last few years? I just think that they could suprise a few people this year...they could be that sleeper team. They lost an awful lot of close games last year, and if they could win a few more of those they could reach the playoffs.

Now I am not saying that they are a Superbowl calibre team, but they could suprise a few folks and might steal a wildcard spot.


Trava said...

Keep up the good work.