Wednesday, August 6, 2008

32 Teams in 30-Some Days - Chicago Bears

"Da question is: Now, did God create Da Bears, and make them superior to all teams?
Or is he simply a huge fan, and Ditka made them superior to all other teams?"
- Bill Swerski

The Chicago Bears

Wow, can you believe this is a team that was in the Super Bowl two years ago? They were 7-9 last year and got nothing but worse in the off season. Yes, the defence can still be dominant - but let's take a quick look at the offence shall we?

The quarterback job is going to come down to a decision between Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman - which is sort of like deciding between the horse manure on toasted focaccia or the chef's salad with kitty litter and battery acid. The Bears would probably be over the moon if people were describing either one of these guys as a 'game manager' at the end of the season - and not 'spectacular failures'. This does not bode well.

Then there are the running backs. Starter Cedric Benson, who the Bears dumped Thomas Jones to keep, runs like a walrus on land - only without the game breaking speed and durability. The Bears also have an Adrian Peterson, but unfortunately for them it's not that Adrian Pederson.

But what about wide receivers you ask? Well I'm glad you did. Did you know Chicago's starting wide receivers were Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker? If you were playing NFL 2K4, that might not be so bad but this is 2008 and these guys stink. Sure they want Devin Hester to play some wide receiver - but he's a guy who needs the other receivers to show him where to stand on the field. Colour me skeptical.

On defence the Bears should still be fine - if they can avoid injuries, something they have not done lately. It should only be 3 or 4 weeks until Mike Brown's latest season-ending injury.

The Verdict
Like the man said, this is going to get worse before it gets better. The Bears have the defence to compete for the playoffs, but almost no offensive talent to speak of at all. And the defence is probably going to wear down pretty quick when they're on the field 56 of 60 minutes a game.


Trebor said...

when they made the superbowl who was the qb? who was the rb or the wr's ?? I don't know myself but I think it's basically the same offense.

So why not again, they get lions twice, gb twice (maybe aaron isn't ready) and the pruple people eaters twice. Everyone loves minny and when they play I'm sure it will be so boring no one will watch till the end but, they could come out wtih 4 out 6 games there.

I think maybe not right away but maybe week 4, benson will be the 3rd down back and forte will be the started, and if he's really that good they have a shot.

Ken Clean-Air Systems said...

Thomas Jones carried the load the Super Bowl year. And Bernard Berrian and Mushin Muhammed were the receivers - and say what you will about those two, but I'm taking them anyday over Booker and Lloyd.

Grossman was the QB - and should have been the Super Bowl MVP for continually giving the ball back to Indianapolis.

I will admit Matt Forte did look pretty good last night - but c'mon, that was against the Chiefs. Everybody looks good against the Chiefs.

Maybe the Bears can do what Baltimore did in 2000. But I'm skeptical.