Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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I have officially hit rock bottom.

It appears that I have come up with a case of writers block. The sort of block that drives a man to brutally murder his family, the sort of man as portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the great thriller “Something’s Gotta Give”. Damn that Amanda Peet is a fine piece of work.

Anyways I digress. My editor in chief and I agreed that this week I would write about obscure tough-guys and goons from the NHL and WHA. The sort of tough-guy and goon whose cocaine-fuelled antics on and off the ice gave them cult status amongst the hockiests. However, that kind of piece takes hard work, research, ethics, time, money, and an ability to write a truthful piece. All of which I sorely lack. To make up for all my shortcomings I will be providing you with many youtube links to clips of some tough-guys you may or may not have heard of before. As well I will provide my usual rant about each clip and player, most of which will be completely fabricated.

1. Steve Durbano – This real life Ogie Oglethorpe was one suspension away from being barred from the WHA, Durbano decided to flee the sinking WHA and jump to the NHL. The provided clip is explanation enough for this clown. I wonder how much peyote he had before taking the ice on this occasion. Apparently he mooned the crowd after being ejected. Now that’s an exit!

(Editor's Note: Here are a couple links to obituary's for Durbano - from the Toronto Sun and from His is an interesting story. He is very fondly remembered for such a notorious hooligan.)

2. Nick Fotiu – Born on Staten Island, Fotiu honed his craft with the time that I am sure he spent on Rikers Island.

3. Behn Wilson – Probably the highest drafted tough guy in NHL history (6th overall 1978) In this clip he fights Dave “The Hammer” Shultz of the Penguins. Those were some sweet, sweet jerseys.

4. Link Gaetz – “The Missing Link” no doubt honed his fighting skills on the schoolyard during recess. With a name like “Link” you have to be a tough sonuvabitch.

5. Willie Plett – Not a household name when it comes to being a tough guy but he does hold in my eyes the notoriety for being the proud owner of the greatest cheap shot in NHL history.

6. Jimmy Mann – No I take it back…this is the greatest cheap shot in NHL history. How come we have never heard of this before? This is right up there with the Bertuzzi and Simon incidents as well as the very unfortunate Denny Pratt tragedy.

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trebor said...

I may just be incapable of correctly clicking on links, but link for number 3 takes me to the same fight as number 4. Is that supposed to be the case??