Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reader Mail

You have no idea how happy it makes me to have some comments which I am able to respond to. If you're reading this and haven't viewed some of the comments left on this page, do yourself a favour and check them out (just click on Comments, underneath each entry). We have had some great ones, ranging from a vicious cricket/British Commonwealth debate spanning two continents, to a comparison of Nate Davis to Rita McNeil. So keep your comments, questions, complaints and insights coming - all feedback is appreciated.

But we've got a couple in the last few days that I thought warranted response:

From Trebor:

"Though it's not a sports related observation something in your Robservation Piece could have included the Daily Show's new set...very nice. Also, I watched the dog show which was mildly entertaining especially when a Mr Muggles look-a-like went in attack mode on judge #3..... in case you don't know who Mr. Muggles is here's a clip,

If anyone actually watches this can you post what song is playing during the clip, it's starting to bother me ... "

First of all, the answer to the question is the song from the clip is the theme song from Who's The Boss. I won't lie to you though...I have no idea what that song has to do with the clip. Perhaps it's meant to show that in his own Danza-like way, Mr. Muggles is the The Boss.

Secondly, I wanted to respond to let people know that watching a dog show is not the lowest form of sports broadcasting. This past Saturday I awoke early in the morning to find there was a cat show being broadcast on the Game Show Network. Not only that but the cat show was called The Cat-Minster Cat Show, putting itself in direct competition with the Westminster Dog Show I assume (I assure you, I'm not making this up - see for yourself). I stopped watching the broadcast around the same time as one of the contestants proudly showed the viewing audience that she had a separate, full-size kitchen in her home just for cat food preparation. At this point can anybody really blame the terrorists for hating the Western World?

So next time you find yourself with nothing to watch on TSN but a dog show, just be thankful you're not watching the Game Show Network.

From Chris:

"In the spirit of Robservations (man I hate that guy) I would like to make a few comments on the playoffs, or more importantly TV coverage of the playoffs.

- Has anyone noticed the "pixie dust" sound effect on CBC that accompanies every transition between replay and live coverage. Turn up the sound if you haven't. I cringe every time. First time I noticed was with the sound turned up watching the Flames/Oilers game a month back, right after the Smyth debacle.

- Did anyone else have an epileptic seizure during the Sens game last night? Every time it looked like there may be a hit, goal, or save there was a 1200 kilowatt camera flash which took over the television screen. Is this common, and my eyes are suddenly picking up more frames per second than before? If it is truly an Ottawa thing, I revoke my Eastern favourite pick for the Cup.

- During that hilarious, yet tragic play of events during the islanders/devils game on Sunday, did anyone else enjoy the TSN commentating on Dubielewicz during the shootout. Who knew having a Yoda picture on your mask would turn your goal stick into a "lightsaber", as mentioned multiple times by the commentators. The combination of Mitch's passions must have been too much to handle. "

Confession time, due to familial-dinner commitments I was only able to watch part of the first period of the Ottawa-Pittsburgh game last night. Add to that the fact that I can no longer listen to Bob Cole announce a hockey game (more on this today hopefully), meaning that the TV was muted for the few minutes I was able to watch. So this all adds up to me not noticing either of Chris' first two points, but my radar will definitely be up for them in the future. And I urge all readers to do the same and write in with your comments.

I did however see the Islander/Devil game on Sunday that Chris talked about. And while I didn't see the TSN studio crew talking about Dubielewicz's mask, I did enjoy the commentators of the game. TSN got the feed from MSN, who is a New York sports broadcaster, so the commentators were unabashedly rooting for the Islanders. So when the Devils scored with 1 second left to tie the game the two guys calling the game started shouting like another plane had crashed into New York City - they were wailing like cats in heat. It was highly entertaining.

So that's all but keep the comments coming.

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Trebor said...

Well I was actually going to bring up the cat show, as my parents are avid watchers of Love Connection, which was replaced on the weekend by the cat show, I however did not watch it as long as apprently you did.