Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm Outraged...

...what a shock.

So if you happened to see the front page of today's Globe and Mail, you saw the controversy over the Toronto Blue Jay's new commercial, which features new designated hitter Frank Thomas getting in a pillow fight with two kids. You can view the ad here:

I think it's a decent commercial, not fantastic but probably better than most. However, the agency that governs broadcasting on private television stations thinks otherwise. Apparently this commercial violates their stringent standards on real-life depictions of pillow fighting. (Actually according to the Television Bureau of Canada, the commercial wouldn't be aired until the kid getting knocked off the bed and the thud sound was taken out.)

According to the TBC's website, "it is imperative to keep the best interests of young children and youth in mind when producing commercials. Because children and youth are very impressionable, commercials should not contain any visual or audio portrayals which are detrimental to their well-being." (Quote taken from, you can actually read the Globe's story here.)

Ok, my first problem is HOW IS THIS FRONT PAGE NEWS IN A NATIONAL NEWSPAPER!! Surely there are more important things going on in Canada and the world than this, and there are.

But my real problem with this whole situation is that this is the STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF!! Are we as a society so terrified of any and every one's delicate sensibilities being offended that we can't even run commercials depicting children being knocked off beds onto floors during pillow fights? (And based on the evidence in the commercial, the kid is obviously uninjured and pain-free. Now if he had come up screaming and holding his shattered arm or a bloody stump it might be a different story.)

There is no doubt in my mind that being knocked off the bed a couple times would do kids some good. But if people are going to start abusing their kids because of this commercial, they they're too stupid to be alive let alone procreate and they should have their children taken away just on general principle, never mind because of child abuse.

Now I'm all for protecting kids from child-molesters, on-coming traffic and Rosie O'Donnell but kids falling off things, getting scraped up and getting hit in the chest with pillows swung by former AL home run champs is what being a kid is all about. I have no desire to get into a huge sociological debate on the sports page, but kids are coddled way too much...and that commercial is kinda funny and original, and original advertising is hard to find.

But it's not just the protecting of kids that's the problem, we're just entirely too sensitive about everything now...

Like this, can someone please tell me why this needed to be censored:

The TBC said that this commercial could not be shown on private broadcasts (basically everything but CBC) with out a 'Dramatization' being added to the bottom.

Now this is even more ridiculous than the Frank Thomas situation. Who on the face of the Earth is stupid enough to think this is an appropriate way to deal with trash? Would anyone, anywhere think that this was real if 'Dramatization' had not appeared on the bottom of their television screen, telling them they shouldn't throw their garbage at the trash collector?

The sad answer is probably yes.

But why is everything, everywhere catered to people of this ilk? Should we not be trying to raise the level of discourse in this country and not always catering and worrying about the lowest common denominator? It's pretty obvious we're terrified that someone, somewhere might get offended by a kid getting knocked off a bed or that some cement-head might try to throw his trash like a cut-fastball.

This is all just so stupid.

I'm still outraged.


Anonymous said...

Damnit. I'm at work at won't be able to check out the Youtube commercials until i get home. I can't wait to see FT laying down the big hurt with a pillow. Hilarious. JAYS WILL GET THE AL WILDCARD. Sing along everyone: Ok (OK). Blue Jays (Blue Jays). Let's (Let's). Play (Play). BALL. Must say, that song sure beat the Flames diddy of the late 80's.


Trebor said...

The kid in the video obviously deserved what he got, but FT should have sat down with the kid and discussed the situation and how a pillow is a dangerous weapon. The Jays had an opportunity to show, no teach the young kids that pillows are for resting your head on not hitting someone, instead we have this commercial full of violence and matters of sexual nature. i feel like i was touched in my no-no place.

Anonymous said...

Hey Luke before I get into another massive diatribe, did you get this note??


Anonymous said...

In an unrelated topic, it suddenly dawned on me this week that former Rider defensive tackle Nate Davis and canadian diva, Rita McNeil have the exact same body type. The only difference between the two is that Rita can still perform in Winnipeg.