Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Final Cooper's Corner, Vol.IV

In which Cooper opens by crushing me in print...

Welcome to week 4 of Cooper’s Corner, or the 4th edition of Cooper’s Corner, whatever you prefer. I have say I am still not fond of the whole "Cooper’s Corner" title. No offence to my editor in chief but I do think it is time for a change. Seeing that it is 0800 hrs and I have yet to have my morning coffee or my LSD-laced energy drink, I am leaving it up to you the commoners to send in your suggestions for a new moniker for this proverbial train-wreck. (Editor's Note: Contrary to what is apparently popular belief, I'm not a huge fan of the name Cooper's Corner either. The name came from my desire to have an alliterative title, similar to Piper's Pit. However, it was pointed out to me last week that Cooper's Corner bears a striking resemblance to Coach's Corner which, I swear to you, I didn't even realize. So it's settled then - an open referendum will be held to determine the new name for Cooper's Corner. Comments, emails, phone calls, loud shouts, and smoke signals are all appropriate means of voicing your opinion.)

Anyway to the topic at hand……Harry Neale.

Hockey Night in Canada’s Bob Cole and Harry Neale are without a doubt the greatest broadcast duo in hockey history, and I am sure they have a place in the upper echelon of sports broadcasters in general. Up in the ranks with the likes of Frank Gifford, Howard Cossell and Don Meredith, Marv Albert and even the great Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts. Wow that doesn’t seem right when you see it on paper but they were pretty damn good although Jackson did carry Fouts a long, long way.

There are some people out there that would have you believe that Harry Neale is slipping, his colour commentating not as sharp and as relevant as it once was. However, I disagree and I have the evidence, in video format. And let me tell you the evidence is quite clear that Harry Neale has done nothing but improve in his broadcast skills over the past 35 years. Also his choice of wardrobe has drastically improved.

Even if you don’t like the guy you got to at least admit he still dresses to the nines.

Exhibit A: Harry Neale in 1973 interviewing players from the Minnesota Fighting Saints of the WHA, a team that Harry also was the head coach of.

His interview and on camera skills in this clip are just deplorable. And his suit that day, looks like Ronald McDonald threw up on some fabric. I also love the choices for filming locations. I am pretty sure for two of the interviews they are in a doctor’s office. Oh and check out the future CBC and sportsnet personality the he interviews first. Nice bowtie loser!

Exhibit B: This next video clip doesn’t really show how bad Harry Neale’s broadcast skills used to be but more of how bad his coaching ability was.

It is of Harry giving a pre-game speech to the Saints before the take the ice against the Winnipeg Jets. I like how when Harry drops the S-Bomb they censor it with an arena horn to make it seem like a coincidence. Check out the sweet ass clear plexi-glass boards they had at the old St. Paul Civic Center. Also I have to nominate those Saints jerseys as one of the best jerseys ever. I love that logo.

Exibit C: Harry loses his mind…

...and eventually his job which ended him up working with Bob Cole in this clip. Not too sure which one Harry is but I do know that he went all Neil Diamond on some Frenchy’s ass and smacked them in the mouth.

Exibit D: Bob Cole and Harry Neale are calling a game between the Oilers and Jets in 1989.

Just listen to the comment that Harry makes about Kelly Buchberger, his hand and a car wash. Enough said.

So as you can clearly see for yourself Harry Neale has done nothing but improve in his broadcast abilities over the years. Sure he may be slipping back a little bit, but that’s the Alzheimer’s or the dementia that all elderly people slowly but surely develop over time. So don’t go blaming him when he starts spouting off and foaming at the mouth about the trap. Just remember he is old, and that’s what old people do.


Anonymous said...

Come on Coops. You have a great name for parody. Let's see, just off the top of my head:
-Starship Cooper's Cosmic Emporium
-Haranguing with Mr. Cooper (a little more obscure, but very good if the definition of haranguing is known - def: a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion)
- Poppa Cooper's Sportsday Feedbag

Well the only one worth it's salt is the second one, but the point is that the possiblities are endless...back to the grind for me.



Anonymous said...

I was startled to see Shakey Walton looked reasonably sober in that clip with Harry...
Yeah what's with the venue for the interviews? It lookes like the outpatient room where they do vasectomies every Friday. (I only know the room looks like that from stories my friends have told me...)