Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wait a Minute, Chester - You Know I'm a Peaceful Man

So, I don't really have much to say other than these quick things.

1) If you don't like this song, you're a communist and you hate kittens. That is all.

2) As per Trebor's request, here is the Greg Olsen/He-Man comparison. It's so close I can't believe I never noticed it before. By the power of The U!

3) Here's an email Cooper sent me today - it's just too hilarious not to share with everyone:

You're not going to believe this sh*t! Here I am minding my own business raking my front lawn wearing my Boston Bruins jersey circa 1988 when out of nowhere comes this stumpy little guy who had to be in his 40's and he starts berating me in french and wagging his finger at me for about 3 minutes as he is walking down the street. Unbelievable! From what I can remember from grade 9 french he didn't call me any of the following; a library, bean, grapefruit or a ruler.

4) There will be a live-blog of the NFL Draft this Saturday, so if you have absolutely nothing better to do stop on by. It's starts at 2pm for those of us in Saskatchewan and Alberta, 3pm for those in Manitoba. 6:30 in Newfoundland.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I loaded the page a bunch of times but the clip of the song didn't show up and I love kittens! What am I supposed to do?


Anonymous said...

Should have reminded the stumpy little guy that Mike Ryder used to be a Hab...

He was likely anxious about the flood waters...


Trebor said...

Live draft could be interesting...what will happen with the chiefs pick.

Now that they got rid of their top receiving target. Do they reach for pettigrew? Just take the best player (Curry) and worry baout TE later on rnd 3 or 4. Or trade the #3 pick..... maybe this will be an intersting draft year.

as for the trade, great for atlanta, for the ceifs..seems odd that they couldn't get more than a 2 rnd pick in next years draft, but?

Napoleon in Rags said...

I think they were lucky to get a
2nd rounder. That's what they were asking for, but teams only wanted to give up a 3rd.

The rationale seems to be that instead of this year's 2nd rounder - 55th overall, Atlanta thinks they'll be higher in the standings next year, and then a lower pick for the Chiefs.

I'd feel a lot better about the trade if the Chiefs had one viable pass-catcher now. Hopefully, they don't reach at #3 - but maybe Crabtree isn't that big of a reach. I think they have bigger needs. Too bad they don't have a 2nd rounder this year.

Seems like it just means another hole to fill.