Thursday, April 9, 2009

Congratulations, You Didn't Win! Unless of Course You Did, In Which Case - Congratulations!

Congratulations to commenter 'Walks' for his victory in this year's Sports As Life Lousy Smarch Madness pool. As a reward for his good guessing well-reasoned picks and pool victory, we here at Sports As Life are pleased to announce his prize of a complimentary Sport As Life t-shirt.

These shirts are great for lining rabbit cages, tourniquets, mulch or hiding in the back of closets. So Walks, if you happen to read this, please choose your shirt from the T-Shirt store link on the side and let me know which one and size and all those details. I should warn you though, there will be some new T-shirt designs up later this week - so you might want to hold off on making your selection for a couple of days.

If you didn't win this coveted prize, are you now gritting your teeth in rage? FEAR NOT! Playoff hockey is right around the corner and this means another chance to win some lovely prizes.

Remember that Sportsnet username you thought you'd never use again? Ha - you can use it again right now! Sports As Life is proud to once again present the Hockey Playoffs? Don't Talk About Hockey Playoffs - Are You Kidding Me? Pool.

Here's what you have to do. Follow this link:

Sign up for the contest using the same username you used for the Smarch Madness pool - unless of course you want to pick a new one.

Then join the group called, Sports As Life and use the password: hockey

The hockey pool is going to require some more attention than did the March Madness one. What you need to do is pick a team of 3 forwards, 2 defenceman and 1 goalie from each the Western and Eastern Conference. You have the ability to do this before the 2nd and 3rd rounds as well, so if it's going to be something you're going to forget about or stop caring about, maybe this pool isn't for you. But if you were a part of the pool in past years, you know what the story is.

You can join now and start to enter your picks, but make sure the players you pick actually make the playoffs. As of Sunday night, the playoff teams will be decided and you'll know for sure who is eligible to be picked. The deadline to enter your picks is 7pm eastern on Wednesday the 15th.

So join now!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Luke,

I have to say I'm pretty excited for my prize! I will wait until you have the updated styles up before I choose. I just hope they come in sizes for shall I say portly gentlemen.