Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sports As Life Podcast - From Rags to Rags, Episode 2

I know you've been waiting and waiting - and it's finally here, Episode 2 of From Rags to Rags.

In this episode Trebor stops by and we discuss NFL free agency and trades. For 52 minutes. Seriously, get comfortable and don't worry about finding something to do for the next hour.

Unfortunately, the Terrell Owens story broke about an hour after we'd finished taping, so we'll have to get Trebor's reaction to that.

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In the episode I said I'd put up a couple links, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. But when I remember or someone reminds me what they are, I'll put them up. Update: Here's the link.


Napoleon in Rags said...

Cripes, we obviously should have waited until tonight to tape the show.

First we miss the Terrell Owens saga by 60 minutes. And now Roy Williams has been released by the Cowboys - we even mentioned him last night!

Just goes to show, no matter how immediate the technology is, you're always behind the times.

Trebor said...

Yeah I heard the owens thing this morning on my way to work and then just read now about roy willimas.

I agree with roy, owens. Is there some plan or are we going forward with crayton and austin as starting receviers? There are no nig name wr's for free agency, with no 1st round pick the ready to start wr's will be gone ???

The first thing I thought of now that owens is gone is Boldin. I have no clue what they could offer and if they have the cap room, but make it happen Jerry.

They now have a few holes to fill, wr, ss, Cb, lb. The draft they could probably get a starting safety at 53 or wherever they pick, but sean jones is still out there I'd like to see in dallas

As far as ownes now the rumors start.... I hear KC wants a recevier.

Even oaktown as I mentioned in my dalls post they want the big name wr, didn't work with about now.

Napoleon in Rags said...

That's actually the first thing I thought when I heard the news last night - T.O in K.C.

Despite the fact he might be insane, he's still a huge upgrade over anything they have now. However, he does have a history with Todd Haley (he was receivers coach in Dallas for 2 seasons) and generally people with a T.O history don't want anything to do with him again.

I think he'll be in Oakland soon - and honestly I think he'll ruin that team (not a huge leap anyway). At least when Moss was there he would just sulk and generally not try. Owens will light that place on fire when things start to go south.

Anonymous said...

T.O deserves somewhere freezing cold like Green Bay or Chicago or a franchise as disfunctional as he is like say, Cincinnati or Detroit.