Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nobody Circles Personnel Decisions Like the Buffalo Bills


Trebor said...

Is this in reference to the TO signing??

think about the story - TO in TO. that right there makes it worth while.

I like this move, it doesn't seem to make too much sense for owens, but for the bills.

-1yr contract
-One of the top 5 recievers for 1/2 of the cost.
-Lee evans can now play man to man.
-Lynch or jackson dont have to face 8 in the box
- a go to target in the red zone
- marketing

A lot of people don't seem to like TO, and sure there are reasons not to want him on your team. But if your team is close to mkaing it, just lacking offense why wouldnt you want 81, how don't you do a 1 yr contract for 6.5 mil.

Owens in NY would be terrbile for the media, but who do the giants have...toomer is shopping around, plaxico likely in jail?? but what about him in Carolina or Baltimore?

Owens would help any offesne and making it a 1 year deal insures that you'll get the best of him. In the past his 1st year with a new team has always been great, it years 2-3 things break down. Owens is going to play the next season for a contract somewhere else so he'll be on good behaviour.

The bills get a chance at making the playoffs, give james hardy some time to develop and the all important attention and the revenue that goes with it.

With the other happenings, I'm sad to see sean jones go to Philly instead of Dalls, but they did signed Igor (great going to suggest to shannon..igor davidson) who should be able to fill in for Canty at almost 1/3 less.

Some will say he's not going to help with his avg of .1 sacks per game and low tackles. However they're the misinformed, he's not being signed to get sacks, but rather to use is 200 lbs to clear space for D.Ware. Igor played with for phillips before so another small signing that seems to make sense for the boys.

Napoleon in Rags said...

While I understand the reasons for both Owens and Buffalo to make this deal...

Owens - Wants to show he's dedicated and a model citizen. Plans to parlay this season into a big contract next year.

Buffalo - Why not? They probably weren't going to win anything anyway.

... I can't wait for this to turn into a gong-show, and it's going to.

Here are the quarterbacks that T.O has played with and attempted to destroy:

- Jeff Garcia (in his "prime")
- Donovan McNabb
- Tony Romo

Who is his quarterback now?

- Trent Edwards


If Owens couldn't get along with 3 pretty good quarterbacks, what chance does he have with Edwards? Yeah, I know he says he's committed, focused, blah, blah. But we'll just wait till Edwards one-hops a few passes to Owens to see how that works out.

Or until it's December and it's -15F with the wind-chill and balls are bouncing off T.O's hands like he's wearing Hulk Hands.

Either way, I'm setting the Over/Under for T.O's first sideline argument at Week 10. I'm taking the under.

Rider Prophet said...

You could set the over/under sooner than that and I'd still take the under.

Anonymous said...

Buffalo eh? A buffoon in Buffalo. Kinda has a ring to it.
This debacle waiting to happen will make every Bills fan forget what, 4 Super Bowl losses.

I predict that by the time the first snow flake falls in Buffalo (Isn't that like August there?), a head coach, offensive coordinator firing and/or several qb changes will occur.

T.O. deserves only Oakland and they him.

Good grief....


Trebor said...

Something interesting happened today, and it's not cutler crying, or LT being signed, but rather CB lucas being cut from the panthers.

Tampa I believe needs a corner and possibly the aints. May be unlikely for him to end up there but ooh the storyline that would follow.

For those that don't remember this is the guy that was down on one knee getting up when steve smith punched him last season. So when you play against smith twice a year, having a guy that can get under his skin and possibly shut him down....

Not sure why but I see this as being more interesting than the 2nd round of free agency.