Thursday, March 19, 2009

And You Already Know How This Will End

March Madness is now officially under way, and you already know how this will end:

- in a fit of rage

- in self-loathing

- in the realization that you're not as smart as you think you are

- worse, in the realization that you're exactly as smart as you know you are

- in solemn vows to never do this again

- in promises to stop taking things so seriously

- in sombre acceptance

- in busted brackets

- in tears


Anonymous said...

Not sure if it was last minute rush on the server, but i was unable to join. I tried repeatedly last night and entered my picks 4 times without it registering my picks. Guess it's someone else's turn to win this year.

Go Jayhawks!


Napoleon in Rags said...

A new champ by default!

Shockingly, I'm 6 of 7 so far. Trying to duplicate my 30 of 32 performance from two years ago.

How's everyone else doing?

Trebor said...

This year I picked fairly random I had just read with leather and ksk fetsih bracket so.... yeah whatever name was close to that got picked.

I'm not going to be checking socres, or the bracket until the end. I know I have gonzaga going to final 4 I think and also had chatacougar(that's the kind of thinking I had in making picks) to win at least 1 game

Anonymous said...

Ahhhgggg!!! I can't believe UCLA beat VCU. UCLA is terrible this year and Larry Sanders is a beast. He was blocking everything. I can't stand it when you have a last second chance to win it and you force a bad shot. You can't just pass it to a guy and expect him to dribble the court and then drop a shot. Pass the damn ball a few times first to give the shooter some space. I thought I was going to pull out an underdog pick there. This blows! The tears have begun alright.

Go Utah St.


Rider Prophet said...

I had a good start going 14/16 on day one (Stupid Illinois not trying until the dying minutes of the game).

I'd like to get excited but my usual pattern is dominate day 1, have decent day 2, and then have 3 of my final 4 bow out in the 2nd round. So I'm right on pace.

Did anybody watch the UCLA/VCU game? That was one of the worst games I've ever seen. I was praying for them both to lose by the end because neither deserved to move on.

Napoleon in Rags said...

@ JK - Funny story - I actually thought I picked VCU, so I was pumped when they started clawing back and then had a shot at the win; and then cursed when they didn't.

I then went online and realized I picked UCLA. Whoops. Might be a good idea to figure out who I actually picked before I start throwing things at the TV.

Everything aside, that was a terrible shot at the end.

Anonymous said...

Ok who is this Ghost Dad clown?

Stealing my thunder...Not impressed at all!


Napoleon in Rags said...

Bill Cosby, circa 1990.

Anonymous said...

How is Ghost Dad stealing your thunder? I'm guessing that's my bro, who has been an unapologetic superfan of that movie from day one. If that wasn't enough ghost dadness in the family, I went and married someone who admittedly read the Ghostdad novel - that's right, a novel based on the movie Ghostdad. She actually read the entire thing. I hear it was a rare case where the movie was actually better than the book.


Napoleon in Rags said...

I've always been a Leonard, Part 6 man myself.

Vastly superior to Leonards 1 through 5.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Pudding Pops...Does that count?


Napoleon in Rags said...

No, but we would have accepted The Cosby Mysteries.

Or, being accused of drugging women and assaulting them.

Anonymous said...

Damn it!