Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Forget - Lousy Smarch Madness On Now

That's right boys and girls, yesterday was Selection Sunday which means your productivity at work this week should be absolutely zero. And just to prove I do care, I've already got your work week planned out for you:

Monday: First draft of your bracket, as you ponder the existence of a school named Cleveland State.

Tuesday: Second crack at your bracket, as your wonder how Robert Morris and Stephen F. Austin made the tournament - those dudes must be awesome!

Wednesday: Finalize your bracket, even as you curse yourself for picking North Dakota State University over Kansas.

Thursday: Log on to's tournament website as soon as you get to work, so as to get in the hours long queue. Keep the volume down or off on your computer and try not to use up every drop of bandwidth your company uses. Curse your terrible picks.

Friday: File for unemployment.

With all that excitement in mind, make sure to sign up for the Sports As Life Lousy Smarch Madness pool. Here are the details again:

Log on to this site.

Sign yourself up with a fancy new username, or use your old, rusted one if you've been here before.

Click the Group Membership tab and join the group titled Sports As Life, the password is madness.

And as always, if you accidentally create a new group I will destroy you.

Sign up now! Good seats still available.

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