Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Links

Well because I'm not working tomorrow, I thought I should do some posting today (because it seems I only have time to post at work, how sad is that. so I guess it works out that I am almost getting paid to write this page). So here are your links for this week:

...I'm going to tell you straight away that some of this video is extremely disturbing. If you have a weak stomach or delicate sensibilities, you probably shouldn't watch it. But if you really enjoy people that aren't you or your friends getting hurt, then this video is for you. Curious?

...if anyone asks you to define the Canadian sense of humour, show them this video.

...reports of this man's size vary wildly, from 6'6" 320 to 6'0" 270 (which is what he's listed at on the Miami Dolphins official website, so that's what we'll go with). However, stupidity is pretty funny regardless of a man's size.

...I would watch what you say about this clip. If you are in the company of horse people do not, under any circumstances, laugh or even comment on the potential ridiculousness of this sport. I was almost punched in the mouth at work for making that mistake. It's called Dressage and apparently it's been an Olympic sport since the 30's. (I have about 75 jokes I could be making right now but for my workplace safety I'm keeping my mouth shut.)

...Want to cool way to cheat in baseball? Slip the ball into an outfielder's glove when he's unconscious. Check this out.


Anonymous said...

You did throw the caution out for the one video, but you should have included People who have had tragic bike accidents shouldn't watch this, it may bring back bad memories.

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