Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work

So if you haven't heard the Federal Government has decided to question the selection of Shane Doan as the captain of Canada's World Championship hockey team because he allegedly uttered an anti-French slur a couple years ago...

...sigh, where do I begin?

First of all, there has never, ever been any proof that Doan said anything negative about the French referee, who claims Doan insulted his French-ness. The NHL and everyone else concerned investigated the matter and found there was no proof of any wrong doing. How can a man's character be held in question when there has never been any proof?

Secondly, does the federal government of a G8 country seriously have nothing better to do than debate this nothingness. Everyone in the House of Commons should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. Climate change? Poverty? Afghanistan? Election? Nope, we'll discuss whether someone who's never had any charges against him proven should wear a small letter 'C' on his jersey. This is a disgrace. Don't forget who pays MP's salaries - you do. If you're fine with this course of action, fine. But if you think the highest ranking government officials in our country could probably doing something better with your time, maybe you should let them know. Follow this link and you can get in contact with your MP.

I don't know whether Shane Doan insulted a French referee or not, quite frankly I don't care. I don't think that has any bearing on what kind of hockey player he is. Why don't we ask Doan's French-Canadian teammate at the World's, Matthew Lombardi, what he thinks? Of course no one does, because the politicians are all too busy trying to out-outrage each other over this issue.

Jack Layton thinks this is going to, "cast a shadow," over Canada's participation at the tournament. You serious Jacky-boy? Do you think the other countries are laughing at us because of who our captain is? Or do you think they're laughing at us because this ridiculousness is getting WORLDWIDE attention? There's definitely a shadow over this tournament now but it has nothing to do with Shane Doan and everything to do with Ottawa.

Maybe if the entire House of Commons was this unified about say, affordable education or helping low-income families, we could allow them an indulgence like this every now and again. But isn't it just a little embarrassing when it's an issue like this that brings about total agreement across party lines? Hmmm, with a potential election not too far away, I wonder if anyone is trying to win votes in Quebec. To the politicians who are so filled with self-righteous fury about this that they must shout it from the mountaintops - there are those of us who see through every last one of you.

And thirdly and finally, we all need to seriously lighten up and get over ourselves - because in reality, who hasn't uttered disparaging remarks about the French.

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