Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Links

This is the first of what I'm hoping is going to be a weekly - or at least a fairly regular feature. It's just going to be links to things that are not on this site. It will probably be short videos or pictures or articles. So if you have anything you'd like to see up here, just let us know. It doesn't even necessarily have to be sports-related (as you will see today). So here they are...

.....Have you seen this? Apparently it's how they make a bank deposit in Winnipeg now.

.....In all honesty this is the most entertaining hockey or hockey-related material I've seen in many months.

.....I couldn't possibly put up a Steve Carrell clip without putting a Will Ferrell one as well, here it is. This girl is possibly the most talented person in Hollywood right now. And because you know you want to see it, here are the outtakes.

.....This was sent to me at work, clearly we don't have enough to do here. Three things to watch for - the poor blond kid never even sees it coming, the hammock one looks just devastating, and the trampoline would have been 100% funnier there had been some rolling down the hill.

.....I thought I should put something up that is actually about sports, so here you go. I literally cannot get enough of watching the vault - although I think the cycling one might have been rigged, still hilarious though.

And that's all for this week, but if you come across anything you think we should put up in The Links, feel free to send it along.

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