Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Headlines


For a guy who doesn't have much to do at work, I basically live on and - especially on Monday mornings when I want to catch up on the weekend. However, because today is a holiday in the U.S of A these two websites have not been updated and won't be for the rest of the day. Yikes, I think I'm in withdrawl. It could prove to be a long, long day.


Seriously, there was not much happening this weekend - so don't hold that against me.

There hasn't been a hockey game since last Tuesday. Just a stroke of brilliance by the NHL, I'd say that many Americans who were watching hockey last week have forgotten about it now - or at least that's a possibility.

Although the Memorial Cup did wrap up this weekend, with the Vancouver Giants beating the Medicine Hat Tigers. You know as hard as I try I just can't get into junior hockey.

The Blue Jays lost 2 of 3 in their weekend series and are now 12 games behind Boston in the A.L East - and I'd say being down a dozen games at the end of May means your season is over. This season could potentially become a fire sale, as the Jays might try to sell high on some of their assets.

The NBA playoffs continue their plodding pace, with Game 3 in both series being played on the weekend. Utah and Cleveland both won and are both now down 2 games to 1. Could you imagine anyone being interested in a Utah/Cleveland final, even if Lebron James was involved?

Only a week until Rider training camp opens (actually rookies report this week), can't you just feel the excitement?


This is something new that I'm going to try - passing along the name of a new/unknown band that deserves some exposure. And I thought this was the perfect day to try it on, as there is not much else going on.

This week's band is Lotus Child from Vancouver, B.C. They recently put out the freshest sounding album I've heard in a long, long time called Gossip Diet. I'm trying to get them to Regina sometime this summer, but they tell me it's apparently difficult to book a club here - go figure. But check them out at:


It looks like sometime today or possibly tomorrow we will have our 500th visitor to Sports As Life. I almost can't believe that, when I started I thought I'd be lucky to get 100 people to read this. So I think I speak for everybody here at Sports As Life when I say thank you to everyone who has supported us. As I've said all along, if you keep reading we'll keep writing. Here's to another 500.


Anonymous said...

Damn, i'm number 498.
Just want to second the notion of the awesomeness of Lotus Child and express my deep disappointment of the Riders trading our old elementary school chum, Ryan Karhut. Sure he was a 5th rounder and probably not going to play for them anytime soon, but i would have been his super fan - even if his brother Dallas was considerably nicer. His draft picture still showed the 10 year old face i remember, only in a bald, 300lb, fu man chu-wearing sort of way.


Anonymous said...

Luke the Blog is amazing! I read it every day. Best of luck for the nest 500.