Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Sports As Life Podcast - From Rags to Rags, Episode 1

It finally happened - we've gone digital. Well, more digital - seeing as though you're reading this on the Internet and all. If you dare to click the play button on the audio player below, you'll be treated to the dulcet tones of the very first episode of the Sports As Life podcast - which for now I've titled From Rags to Rags.

In Episode 1, Cooper and I discuss the impending remake of the movie Slap Shot. Our only goal for the podcast was for it not to be the worst thing on the Internet, and I think we succeeded.

There may be one or two strong words in the podcast, so it's not 100% safe for work - but it's pretty close.

If you'd rather not spend 27 minutes sitting in front of your computer, you can directly download this episode at:

Hopefully, the podcast will be up and running soon on iTunes and then you'll be able to download it directly from there. For the time being, to download the podcast in iTunes:
1. Open the Advanced drop-down menu at the top of your toolbar
2. Paste this link into the box that pops up:
3. Click 'Ok' and the podcast should start downloading automatically

Referenced in the podcast was a video of the Rock. This is the clip in question if you'd like to view it for yourself (fast forward to 2:20 mark):


Anonymous said...

Good Podcast lads.

For the Syracuse team you could use the entire roster of the 1974-75 Philly Flyers (Broad street Bullies)

- Dave "The Hammer" Schultz
- "Mad Dog" Bob Kelly
- Bill "The Cowboy" Flett
- Andre "Moose" Dupont
- Don "Big Bird" Saleski
- The Watson Brothers - Joe/Jim

Reggie Dunlop - Al Pacino
Ned Braden - Jim Cuddy
Joe McGrath - Harold Ballard-ha ha
Dickie Dunn - Rob Vanstone


Rider Prophet said...

I have to agree that Obama sounds a bit like the Rock. I think Obama should run with this...

"Do you smell what Barack is cooking?"
"Barack's laying the smackdown."

Napoleon in Rags said...

I think there would be too many awful puns if Vanstone played that part.

Anonymous said...

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- Henry