Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fare Thee Well, May You Never Return


Trebor said...

He'll be throwing the ball around in a dome next year, even though he's sucked over the years in that said dome. Yes Favre will become a member of the purple people eaters.

Minny should be trying to do everything to get a solid qb. Cassel may be an option, but he had one good year, and I for one ma not sold on him.... Minny has the defense to win gmaes but after this year I beleive the william sisters will be free agents and a couple other key players may not be aorund.

Also AP is turning 24 this year and you don't wnat to be grooming a qb, because these are his prime years. Though it's easy to slap a franchise tag on him, he may want out in 2 years. Of the options out their Favre is probably the best even though it may be big gamble for just 1 year.

There are other guys out there who may be availble or tradeable.....garcia, mcnabb, but they could be reaches.

Napoleon in Rags said...

As I said to TH yesterday, "If I had money, I'd bet it on him playing next year." Or something to that effect.

I'd say he learned his lesson from last year's circus and he'll lay low for awhile until teams come calling.

Trebor said...

Off topic, but since the NBA writer seems to be on strike, best place to mention it.

Just saw a great headline, Jermaine out of TO for Shawn Marian.

I havent watched any bball this year but jermaine wasn't working and they're clearing up capspace, to hoepfully keep bosh in town.

Though who knows maybe colagelo wants to make a phoinex raptors, with reports of nash and stoudamiere on the trade block.

Bad thing about this trade is getting rid of jamriao... whosa gonna make tha canolli now?

Anonymous said...

The next football stop for Brett Favre will be Canton,Ohio. His playing days are over.