Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Officially Official


The fact that former Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley would be the new Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs was both the best kept and worst kept secret in the world of us Chiefs' fans.

It was the best kept because there was an NSA-like secrecy surrounding the whole process. So much so that nobody really knew if there was a process going on. We didn't know who had been interviewed, who hadn't or if anybody had been.

It was also the worst kept secret because who else were they going to hire? All the sought-after coordinators were already snapped up. Shanahan and Gruden were terrible fits for the Chiefs team. And it seemed nothing could get Bill Cowher out of retirement this year. So who else was it going to be except Haley?

Personally, I think it's a good hire. He seems to have the fire and willingness to hold players accountable that's been sorely lacking during the reign of Herm Edwards. How can we really know how this is going to work though - we can't. Haley has only had two years as a coordinator. Before that he'd had various other positions - I'm much too lazy to actually look them up. I believe wide receivers coach and positions in the player personnel department were among them. But he's young and seems to have the desire to win and that's really all I can ask.

I would rate my mood as cautiously optimistic. Remember, even Bill Belichick was a colossal failure in his first stint as a head coach.

Now all that's left to do is sign Julius Peppers, draft Aaron Curry and get to work.

On a related note - does Scott Pioli have the worst head-to-torso ratio of all time? (He's on the left in the above photo). I was watching the press conference at lunch and he looks like a Dick Tracy villain.


Anonymous said...

I think Haley will do a decent job as the Chiefs Head coach. Any sign of a pulse from that team next year will be a sign of significant improvement.

Anquan Boldin in a Chiefs jersey? Not - coach/ player track record clearly is not good.

That fellow does have a rather puny head compared to his massive shoulders doesn't he? Whose his tailor? Tent & Awning?


Cooper said...

Granted Pioli does have a terrible head to torso ratio but still look at the size of that melon. I think Pioloi is the real life Bill Brasky. A 10 ft tall beast man that showers in vodka and feeds his baby shrimp scampy.

Napoleon in Rags said...

Agreed, he does have a giant head - but then how big must those shoulders be to make it look so small?

Little known fact - in the offseason, the U.S. Air Force uses Scott Pioli's shoulders as a landing strip for F-22 Raptors stationed in the Persian Gulf.