Friday, July 4, 2008

You Look Like I Need A Drink

As I sat down to watch some 3-down football last night, I thought this title would be appropriate for a post about me struggling to watch CFL football - but what can I say, sometimes I'm wrong.

Last night's games were highly entertaining.

First was the Toronto/Hamilton game, which I watched the first 7/8ths of. One of the two things I got from this game is that Jesse Lumsden is the most talented athlete in the league - hands down. It's criminal for him to touch the ball less than 20-25 times a game. If he stays healthy this year Hamilton has a good chance to not be horrible.

The second thing I got from the game is that Toronto coach Rich Stubler is not going to last the season. There's just no way. The team is almost is open revolt already. The quarterbacks are squabbling and the idiot kicker doesn't even have goal posts to practice on. His quarterback-swapping by "feel" is one of the most ludicrous things I've ever heard of. Shouldn't the quarterback, of all people, be the one guy you want to be confident in himself? As far as I can tell, a coach with the propensity to pull quarterbacks like he's starting a lawnmower is not going to instill confidence in QB's who are always looking over their shoulders.

The Stubler death-watch starts now. If he sees September, I'll be surprised.

The other game last night was Edmonton/Calgary, which I managed to catch the last 7/8ths of. And if you only watched an 1/8th of that game, the last 1/8th was one to see.

I turned it on with Edmonton up 3 (I think) with about 2 minutes to play - and the proceeded to demonstrate exactly how not to run out the clock. They went pass, sack, punt - to give the ball immediately back to Calgary, who promptly marched down the field and scored a touchdown to go up 4 with a minute and a half left.

When Calgary scored I bet that French kid who coaches Edmonton felt about like this:

However, improbable as it may seem, Edmonton was able to march right back down the field themselves and score the winning touchdown. It was quite a score as well - click here to watch the clip - with Jason Tucker making about 4 different adjustments while the ball was in the air. It was also a thing of beauty because Rod Black almost had an on-air stroke when Tucker caught the ball.

Also, does anyone else think Ricky Ray might have the mumps? I think someone should tell him to get checked out. Or at least get him to take the cotton balls out of his cheeks.

And of course tonight Saskatchewan plays in B.C. If I was forced to venture a guess I'd say Saskatchewan wins 23-17, or something like that.

No, I did not see last week's season opener between the Roughriders and Eskimos, as it was Sports As Life contributor Trebor's wedding. And here for your viewing pleasure is an advance copy of the wedding photo from the happy day*...

*May not be a true statement - but congratulations to them all the same.


Cooper said...

Speaking of football....only 54 more days till the college football season kicks off, and if it is allowed my eventual return. Go Nittany Tide!

Trebor said...

well I missed the first game due to something..oh yeah my weeding, but on the honeymoon managed to get into a bar in Fairmont. The band started playing as soon as Jarius Jackson had his first of 16 fumbles ?? maybe not that many but he was the best offensive weapon the riders had.

The bar was filled with rider fans and a group of drunken edmonton fans who cheered against both ??? Not 1 BC fan in the joint.

Without any sound I'm not sure what was being said but watching that...."game" made me want to drink more (good thing I was at a bar), even my now wife a hige rider fan said after..what an ugly game. It even started off bad...was the first points scored the great 'rouge'

I don't know how hurt crandle is but thier #2 guy shows he can throw INT's with the best of them and the #3 guy shows he's good at handing the ball off. Could be a good year.

If I wasnt's lazy I'd find a box score, but if someone told me that they handed the ball off 5 times in the first 3 quarters... I'd call them a liar and turn my back on them.

One other thing what's up with the lines BC seemingly had like 10 sacks to sk's 0 ??

Ugly win... but a win is a win. they are 2-0 playing hamilton next week so things can't be all that bad. I was hoping for a blue bomber and a BC win, just so the entire league could be tied for last place with a 1-1 record...Oh well there's always next year.

Ken Clean-Air Systems (formerly Professor Sports As Life) said...

Good thing it's only 54 more days Cooper because, as it happens, your leave of absence expires in 54 days.

Trebor had picture without sound, while I had sound without picture - as the person who's house I was at on Friday night doesn't subscribe to TSN. So we were forced to listen to the radio through the TV. And truth be told, it was far too nice a night to be sitting inside watching a blank screen - so there was just the occasional score-checking.

Anonymous said...

Caught the last 10 minutes, which were quite entertaining. From what i hear of the first game, it appears I only need to keep watching rider 4th quarters.

Well Mr no sound and mr no TSN probably both missed all the Rod Black insights - such as, "There really was alot of doubt going around about these riders by alot of doubters out there." He goes on for another minute, using the word doubt about 15 times.


Anonymous said...

What kind of a person doesn't have TSN?