Wednesday, July 30, 2008

32 Teams in 30-Some Days

First of all, let me start by saying this – during a potential tornado situation you do not want to be on the top floor of an 11-story office building, which also happens to be the tallest building in a 5 block radius. Trust me.

Nevertheless, the Sports As Life World Headquarters is still standing and we’re here to bring you the second team in our 32 Teams in 30-Some Days feature.


You think people will still use napkins in the year 2000?
Or is this whole mouth-vacuum thing for real?

- Cosmo Kramer

You know that bad feeling I said I had about the Dallas Cowboys? Well, I have the exact opposite feeling about the New York Giants.

That’s ‘Defending Super Bowl Champion’ New York Giants to you. Still hard to believe. It seems like only yesterday the Giants stopped the most destructive force the world has seen since the Natural Disasters – and after the game I ended up doing a dance that looked something like this:

Even though the Giants shocked the world in February, they are still getting almost no respect. And I think that is going to help them avoid the Super Bowl Hangover.

There are questions about whether Eli Manning is actually a Super Bowl MVP quarterback or whether he just got hot at the right time last season. Actually, that pretty much sums up the questions about the whole Giants team.

As near as I can figure, all this adds up to the Giants having a pretty big chip on their shoulder. While most people expect the Cowboys to be great - almost no one expects the Giants to be where they were last season.

Motivation anyone?

However, the Giants did lose Michael Strahan and a couple other starters on defence. But the good news is that they should still have the talent to be the force they were in last season's playoffs. And as near as I can tell, the offence remains mostly intact.

The Verdict
Maybe it's just my lingering joy over the Giants beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl - but I believe in this team. And I honestly think they can again be the dominant team they were in the Super Bowl. That said, I don't think they'll repeat but they do have as good a chance as anyone to represent the NFC in the big game. They will win the NFC East though.


Trebor said...

True they didn't lose much, though strahahn and wilson on the def will be tough to replace. the lose of shockey... I like the guy but his productivity has dropped last few years.

Because I seemingly have no work, i checked their schedule and last year they played 4 games against teams with a winning record and they went 0-4. This year they play 'laughing stock' teams no more like cincy(maybe still laughable),cleveland,N.O., Minny.

They got hot at the right time and that's all that matters. I don't think they will miss the playoffs this year but wouldn't be suprised to see them 1 spot below carolina.

Ken Clean-Air Systems said...

Dagnabbit! I forgot to mention the Shockey trade - not that he produced at all for them when they were winning but still.

I'm gettin my head in the game starting... now.

Trebor said...

not NFL related but is there video anywhere of what happened to jason tucker of the eskimos.... turned on the game and it was the first I was hearing about it, tried finding a video but no luck thus far.....

Anonymous said...

I like their running game. They should be able to grind teams on those cold November/December afternoons.
Never did like that Shockey character too much. Not sure they will miss him,possibly in the red zone.

In my gut, I get a sense Plaxico Burress is going to have a less than stellar season which clearly will hinder the giants already anemic passing game.

The jury is out on the G-men.