Sunday, July 6, 2008

You Look Like I Need A Drink - Redux

Clearly I should have saved this title for the post about Friday night's CFL games, instead of wasting it on Thursday's games.

The Montreal/Winnipeg and B.C/Saskatchewan games displayed in vibrant HD everything I can't stand about the CFL - boring, sloppy football. I don't care what the final scores were in those games, you can't tell me there was anything exciting about either of them.

I'll focus on the B.C./Saskatchewan game, as that's the one I'm more familiar with, and that's not saying much - having listened to it like a shut-in during the 30's listening to War of the Worlds. But in the spirit of full disclosure, I did watch the last couple of minutes in moving pictures. And the Montreal/Winnipeg game was a blowout not worth mentioning anyway.

First for B.C. - Jarious Jackson should be playing high school football somewhere, not CFL football. You just know that somewhere Spurgeon Wynn was watching game at home thinking, "I could have done that!" I will admit that Jackson throws a great ball - the only problem being that it's usually not to anybody, at least not to anybody on his team. Terrible.

And for Saskatchewan, the big story will be injuries. Two broken legs, a pulled hamstring and more than a few cases of Pilsner-stomach, I'm sure.

Although the story should be that I was only 4 points off in predicting the final score, which was 26 - 16. My prediction was 23-17. Oh well, whattayougonnado?

But I think my favorite part of the game was the post-game reaction in which people were commending Damien Durant for his "good" game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he 4-11 or 4-12 passing? In no way, shape or form does a 25% completion percentage constitute a good game. The only thing Durant did successfully was hand the ball off to Wes Cates (as Trebor stated in the comments on the previous post). The plane might actually be crashing into the mountain after all.

I hate to be a naysayer about the CFL all the time (ahh, who am I kidding - no I don't) but I don't think anybody can say they enjoyed the games on Friday night.

And what can I say, sometimes old habits are just hard to break. Isn't that right, doctor?

Only 3 weeks until NFL training camps, only 3 weeks until NFL training camps.


Trebor said...

Ah good old NFL, 3 weeks you say, good to know. There's already been some good stories out there. Favre may want out of retirement, some personel moves (has alexander signed with anyone yet ?). However the thing that caught my eye upon returning to the media world.... a code of conduct put in place by the eeditors very own KC cheifs: No standing ... that may not be to hard to get used to... when was the last time a cheif fan had anything to applaud.

Anonymous said...

So you'd rather watch training camps than actual football? For shame. Although, yes, even as a CFL apologist, those friday games were pretty sad. I was spared from most of it though.

Must be a slow sports news season when there's stories on Damon Allen willing to answer his phone if the Riders call. Thankfully it seems to be a pretty one-sided rumour. If Crandell stays out and the Durant/jyles experiment goes awry - which it inevitably will if it lasts more than a game, surely there's a washed up quarterback at least in his thirties.


Ken Clean-Air Systems (formerly Professor Sports As Life) said...

@CH - My favorite part of the Damon Allen thing is this... in Rob Vanstone's Rider Blog he wrote that the Roughrider's wouldn't have any interest in re-aquiring Kerry Joseph because they are looking toward the future. Then in the very next sentence suggested Damon Allen. Don't believe me, here's the quote:

"The reacquisition of Joseph would be a short-term solution, but Roughriders GM Eric Tillman is a big-picture, long-term thinker. Joseph's salary still creates salary-cap discomfort for the Roughriders. Not only that, Tillman was not comfortable with having two 34-year-old quarterbacks (Joseph and Marcus Crandell) on the payroll this season, citing the necessity of giving younger quarterbacks some playing time. I'm not sure the current situation is what he had in mind, but don't expect Tillman's mindset to be altered by a hamstring injury to Crandell.

* Suppose that Crandell's hamstring injury proves to be chronic, and neither Darian Durant nor Steven Jyles is the answer. The solution? How about Damon Allen?"

Here's the link to read for yourself -

Anonymous said...

As ridiculous as RV's comments are, i'm guessing he moreso meant the longterm salary commitment to Joseph. Damon Allen would come with a daily renewed contract that consisted of payment in foodstamps and matlock dvd's.

That being said, even if Allen would play for free and ride off into the sunset the second crandell was ok, it's still a stupid idea.


Ken Clean-Air Systems (formerly Professor Sports As Life) said...

I'm not entirely certain that Damon Allen would be a huge savings over Kerry Joseph. According to his Wikipedia page (and that's very official I'm sure), his base salary in '07 was $125,000 plus incentives - which would probably get him close to or over $200,000.

While he probably wouldn't command $200,000 now, at age 73, it would still be a lot of money to pay a guy who's getting an old age pension.

I'm also revoking your commenting privlages as a result of your small-minded crack about Matlock DVD's.