Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cooper's Corner, Vol.I

Welcome to Cooper's Corner, a new and hopefully soon-to-be regular feature here at Sports As Life. First off is Cooper's look in to the suddenly interesting and apparently incredibly seedy world of professional cricket (I mean look at this, the Enigma Code is easier to decipher). So without further ado...

As some of you most likely know the World Cup of Cricket is currently being held in the West Indies. Cricket, which has been recently introduced to North America for it’s seedy underbelly and murderous wicket-men, is truly one of the last true gentle-mans games. Golf of course lost consideration of a gentle-mans sport after Jack Nicklaus’s un-godly maiming of a caddy in 1984. The pure game of cricket deserves to be seen in a better light in North America, and I am here to provide that shining beacon. And as follows is a summary of the best moments to come out of this years World Cup of Cricket, which in only it’s 12th day of 47 days is already being proclaimed as the greatest sporting event man has ever seen.

Great Moment #5: India beating Bermuda by 257 runs.
- Think of it people…. 257 run margin of victory. That’s an average of 28.5 runs per inning in a 9-inning game. I wonder if India’s batsmen are "juiced". Bermuda needs to shore up its bullpen if it hopes to have any success in future competitions. The acquisition of a Goose Gossage like reliever would be an asset.

Great Moment #4: Bangladesh’s 5-wicket victory over India.
- What an upset…..a close 5-wicket victory over a team that just came off an exciting 257 run performance. The performance given by 18 y/o Mushfiqur Rahim was one for the ages. His international average is no fluke…a superstar in the making.

Great Moment #3: Singh’in in the Rain
- The bowling performance of India’s Harbajan Singh in the pouring West Indy rain was a masterpiece. This right-armed flamethrower deserves his newly acquired moniker "The Harbajan Express". Sorry Nolan Ryan, there is a new sherpa in town. Props to Harbajan for his blatant use of Vaseline and a nail file to doctor up the ball. The Niekros would be proud.

Great Moment #2: Tea Time
- Cricketers have adopted the 7th inning stretch and given it a twist…tea and scones and Ravi Shankar’s Grammy winning rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".

Great Moment #1: "Cubs Win, Cubs Win"
- The dramatic upset win by the Ireland Cubs over Pakistan has gotten the game of cricket on the North American map which is why this is the greatest moment so far at the World Cup of Cricket. Sure some illegal betting and the possible throwing of the game by the Pakistani players may have led to the eventual murder of their coach, however that is the kind of blood shed that North American’s crave for in their sporting events. Which why golf became so popular in 1985, after the maiming of Jack Nicklaus’s caddy by Jack himself the previous year.


Anonymous said...

Cooper's Corner is a great addition to the site. I appreciate you taking the time to dig up the interesting aspects of cricket for us all, yet it begs the question - don't people hurt themselves in Nipewan these days?


Anonymous said...

In regards to a comment in Odds and Ends - I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to Regina's coverage of the Riders (and sports in general). I unfortunately am a chump, who while out of province am eager to hear about the riders, and RV is the only source. Did anyone catch his brilliant Blog-Like coverage of the new CFL commish accouncement. It was written while eating lunch, which he happened to discuss on every second sentence - including belches. Hack! Hack i tell thee!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, I must say that your coverage of cricket beats the hell out of the local coverage. So what is the next obscure sport that you will enlighten the masses about? Sumo? Lawn Bowls? Apocalypse Dishwashing?
I must agree with Mr. Chris, and say that Cooper's Corner is a great addition to the site.

I look forward to more posts by Luke and Cooper - seperately, for if they combined to write one then worlds would collide and the doom of mankind would be...but I digress.

Tim O'Hersche