Friday, July 3, 2009

Top Five Friday

I won't lie to you, I'm incredibly bored. And completely out of ideas - like literally nothing to say about anything. So until I actually come up with something interesting to write about, every Friday I'm going to do what bored and lazy writers the world over do - make lists! The specifics of the list will change but two things will always be constant - it will always contain five items and it will always be about music (yeah yeah I know, sports blog - shut your mouth). This week's list:

Top Five Drum Beats
I love drums - a lot.

5. Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen
Maybe a surprise choice as it's not a super rigorous beat or anything, but those opening salvos from Max Weinberg are iconic.

4. Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt - We Are Scientists
To me, this song sounds like what it must be like to have ADD - frenetic and moving 100 mph at all times.

3. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This song is the reason headphones and extremely loud volumes were invented.

2. Jessica Numbers - The New Pornographers
I'm crushed that there's not a better video anywhere on the Internet, because this one just doesn't do it justice. If you've ever seen this band live you know that the intro drums for this song feel like getting repeatedly kicked in the chest with an iron boot - and it... is... awesome.

1. Like Eating Glass - Bloc Party
Honestly, I could have made this top-5 all Bloc Party songs but I think this is the best in terms of drum work. If you ever have a chance to see these guys live, do it. Spare no expense. I had the good fortune to see them recently and you will never, ever see drumming like that again. That skinny Asian kid moves so fast there were several times I thought he was going to achieve lift-off.

Honourable Mentions

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